Monday, 28 September 2015

John McDonnell Catches Up !

Pleased to hear the new Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell (a long standing friend of the NUT) speaking in favour of introducing the Robin Hood Tax- a tiny tax on financial transactions that would nonetheless raise billions (from the bankers and financial institutions who brought us the financial crisis!)

Glad to say that the NUT is a long standing supporter of the Robin Hood Tax campaign- as I reported here in my Executive Report from way back in 2011.  It's good to see that the Labour Party is catching up with NUT policy in this area, as well as on Academies and Free Schools !

I agree with Christine Blower's comments today- she stated:-

"The NUT is encouraged that a major party is now articulating a route away from austerity. It is only right that corporations should pay their taxes. The NUT has supported the Robin Hood Tax for many years and will continue to do so. We welcome today's clear signalling from John McDonnell of Labour's support for a Robin Hood Tax."

"Austerity is not working, and certainly isn't working in education. Huge cuts to Sixth Form Colleges and post-16 funding continue to have a terrible impact. Teacher pay has been held down for many years and this, along with unsustainable workload, has led to both a drop in teacher recruitment and the departure of many existing teachers from the profession. Students and parents have also borne the brunt of austerity through the scrapping of EMA and the vast increase in tuition fees."

"We wait with interest for the development of Labour's education policy and in particular its funding priorities. Schools are facing real terms cuts, at a time of increasing pupil numbers and real cost pressures leading in some cases to job cuts."

"It is essential that we have an opposition in Parliament which can voice solutions to these major challenges."

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