Thursday, 7 November 2013

NUT launches EDU-FACTS

The Union has recently launched an excellent resource to empower members to argue for NUT policy based on the FACTS, rather than the shameless propaganda spouted by Gove and his allies.

Edu-Facts provides a series of short, factual statements on an education topic, with evidence to back them up.  Each section can be printed into an easy to read information sheet.

Topics currently covered are:  14-19 Education, Academy Status and School Improvement, Appraisal, Asbestos, Britain's Ranking in International League Tables, Capability, Facilities Time for Union Representatives, Floor Standards, Free Schools, GCSEs, Local Authority 'Middle Tier', Pay, Pensions, Pupil Behaviour, Qualified Teacher Status, School Funding, School League Tables, School Places Crisis, School Summer Break and Workload.

Members are encouraged to suggest new topics for which an Edu-Facts sheet would be helpful.

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