Friday, 25 October 2013

Special Executive: Friday 25th November-a note

For any colleagues visiting the site for my report on today's Special Executive to discuss next steps in the campaign, an explanation.

Was I one of the 26 who supported the decision to suspend action, or the 10 who sought to call action without the NASUWT in November ?  Neither- I wasn't there, I was in school.

As one of the Executive members who is still actively teaching, I was annoyed at the decision to call a special meeting on a Friday. throughout the year, scheduled Executive meetings and committees are always on a Wednesday or Thursday.  Friday is a normal teaching day for me, and I made a commitment at the start of my term on the Executive to keep that dedicated to my teaching role.  Today was a consultation day at my school and I had made commitments to see parents, that I intended to keep!

This isn't a cop-out on the issues- I will post a full report on the strategy and my thoughts over the weekend.  But I do think that if we are committed to being a lay-led Union, with serving teachers on the Executive, we need to avoid putting those members in a situation when there Executive duties are made to conflict with commitments to their students- especially when this could have been so easily avoided.

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