Friday, 28 June 2013

Pay Review: 1% from September

The School Teachers' Review Body Report, published on 25 June 2013, made recommendations on the matters remitted to it by the Secretary of State on 17 January 2013. The remit referred to the STRB the following matters for recommendation: what adjustments should be made to the salary scales for classroom teachers and unqualified teachers to reflect the average 1% pay award for public sector workers; how the average 1% pay award should apply to leadership pay scales; and how the average 1% pay award should apply to teacher allowances.
In its Report, the STRB recommended an increase of 1% from 1 September 2013 in the values of:
  • All points on the unqualified, main and upper pay scales for classroom teachers (including main scale points which will be discretionary reference points for pay decisions thereafter);
  • The minimum and maximum of the pay range for leading practitioners and all pay ranges for individual posts set before taking account of the September 2013 uplift;
  • All points on the leadership pay spine; and
  • Any individual allowances in payment and to the minima and maxima of the ranges of all teacher allowances.
Michael Gove has stated that he intends to accept the recommendations in full, subject to consultation. All teachers will, therefore, receive a 1% pay increase this September.
Good news ?  Yes, but bear in mind that the current, May 2013, rate of RPI inflation is 3.1%, so the recommendations will mean a further cut in take home pay.
The cumulative impact of a combination of pay freezes, in adequate pay increase and pension contributions since the current Government took office is a 15% fall in teachers’ real income.

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