Wednesday, 1 May 2013

EEPD Committee: Supporting leadership members

The committee received a report from the advisory committee for Heads and Deputies.  Our Leadership are a highly valued part of our Union- and we should recognise that many trade unionists do not subscribe to the absurd notion that they should stop being a trade unionist when they are promoted to Leadership !

The new edition of Headway was welcomed- and the committee agreed to ensure that a more regular timetable for publication and dissemination was implemented. There was also a discussion around the need for specific local training opportunities to be made available to Leadership members.

If you have members in your school who are or are about to be promoted to Leadership posts- please remind them that they do not have to join a heads Union- all teachers, up to AND INCLUDING Head Teachers are able and encouraged to stay in NUT- the largest teachers union. They are in good company- our National President, Beth Davies is a Primary Head Teacher !

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