Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Big shout out for Stoke Rochford

I was at the Stoke Rochford Hall board meeting this week, and my attention was drawn to some marvellous free advertising provided by the Daily Express and Tory Central Office (via a bizarre attack on the Union for owning a training and conferencing venue- which we use for, errr, training and conferences: Trade Union fat cats plan 'general strike' as members lap up bargain stately home stays.)

Stoke Rochford is the Union's marvellous National Training and Education Centre, where the Union hosts many of its training and CPD courses for reps and ordinary members. In addition, members of the NUT can book bed and breakfast or full board stays at a discount.  It is also open to the public (many, many of whom use and enjoy it) and is used by other unions, organisations and even some of "Dave" Cameron's friends in the business world, who recognise the high quality of conference and meeting facilities.

Thanks to millionaire Tory Party Chairman Grant Shapps for the shoutout: find out more by visiting the Stoke Rochford Website here- and by applying for courses (free to NUT members) here...

PS: That's not Christine Blower's salary, but since when have the Express let the truth get in the way of a good story ?

PPS: Stoke Rochford isn't yet 5 star- but as the wealthy Grant Shapps thinks it is then we must be close. As well as staying at 5-star hotels, Mr Shapps also likes to pilot his private plane to public appearences....

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