Friday, 8 February 2013

Updated: WE WON ! Gove U-turns on EBacc

A big thank you to all the NUT members who signed the petition against EBacc, and the many friends from arts, sports and education community who joined the campaign of over 100 organisations calling for this policy.

Yesterday, Michael Gove announced that he would not be pressing ahead with his policy to abolish GCSEs. This has clearly only come about as a result of the campaign.  Christine Blower said:
"This is really good news. Michael Gove has for once listened to sense. The English Baccalaureate Certificates were universally condemned by everyone from the teaching profession to bodies representing the arts, sport, business, technical and design groups and the education select committee 
“This is a victory for all those who have campaigned against this ill-thought out reform to GCSEs. The Education Secretary must now learn a lesson from this fiasco and consult with those who know far more than he appears to do about education. We need an examination system that is robust and challenging but one which recognises talents and skills that go beyond a limited range of subjects"
UPDATE !  The Government has issued consultation documents on the National Curriculum. Please have your say !  These are:

·         Reform of the national curriculum in England - consultation and framework document  

·         English: a programme for study at key stage4 
·         Mathematics: a programme for study at key stage4 

·         Science: a programme of study for key stage4 

·         Reforming key stage 4 qualifications consultation Government response 

·         Foreign languages at key stage 2: consultationreport 

·         Secondary school accountabilityconsultation 

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