Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pay Campaign - Latest

The Executive decided, following extensive debate and  a vote,  not to call a strike on 13th March, but reiterated that there was  a positive assessment of the work to date  with the NASUWT.

Additionally,  a positive assessment was heard from Christine Blower and Kevin Courtney about the continued potential for joint working, including jointly identifying a series of strike dates if Gove does not  reverse his attacks on teachers.

The press release  issued immediately after the meting,  said that strike action was "inevitable" if Gove stands firm.

Following the Executive meeting  in which the next steps for the pay campaign were discussed, Christine Blower, General Secretary, said:
“Teachers and education have come under continual attack from this Government and its Education Secretary. Michael Gove’s declared war on teachers, a punitive Ofsted regime and the breakdown of a coherent education system through the academies and free school programmes has led to a crisis of morale in the profession. 
“Michael Gove must understand that unless this onslaught against teachers’ pay, pensions and working conditions stops then strike action is inevitable. Teachers do not take strike action lightly but when the profession is being torn apart by a Government whose reforms have little to do with standards, or evidence, then the time to sit back has to end.

“The NUT will continue to work with NASUWT as part of our historic declaration of intent. We expect to make further announcements on our next course of action next month.”

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