Thursday, 10 May 2012

Pensions Resolution from May Executive

The recommendations approved were as follows:

(a) That in the light of the positive engagement with the NASUWT, the best route to continue both the pensions’ campaign and prepare the necessary campaigns on national pay and conditions is to launch a significant joint initiative with them – including the launch of a Joint Declaration of intent to protect teachers and education, together with a commitment to joint non strike sanctions and a joint programme of national strike action in the autumn term.

(b) That the non-strike sanctions – which will be an escalation from the current NASUWT instructions - be subject to further discussion with the NASUWT but with the NUT seeking to include sanctions around the performance management and capability issues – but with the overall emphasis being on actions which do not disrupt teaching and learning but, where possible, do attack the accountability regime.

(c) That additionally, the Union seeks to work with other unions on pensions – through for example the recently launch 68 is too late campaign – which we are pleased to say that EIS has just signed up to.

(d) That the Office prepares propaganda and other materials around both the contribution increases and the threat of possible even higher retirement ages for use during the summer term.

(e) That during the remainder of the summer term, other major campaigning activities be implemented, including: demonstration in targeted constituencies; high profile media events seeking to involve as many unions as possible; and further encouragement to sign the NUT NASUWT online petition.

(f) That in the light of the responses to the survey of divisional secretaries and in the light of the positive joint work with the NASUWT; the Union should not proceed with a one day strike in June.

(g) That in the light of the conversations with politically chosen divisional secretaries, there is no decision made today to call targeted strike action – but that we do take forward plans to organise weekend demonstrations in some of these, as in 5 above.

(h) That with all of these steps, we seek to keep UCAC and UCU involved.

(i) That recognising the UK Government interference in the pensions discussions in Scotland and Northern Ireland we again seek to keep EIS, SSTA, INTO and UTU involved in as much as possible.

(j) That the Union seeks to convene a further meeting of all the unions that have not signed up to the pensions proposals to best coordinate campaigning and industrial action – including by continuing to encourage members and representatives to support other public sector unions that are taking action if on a different day to ourselves.

(k) That the divisional secretaries’ briefing called for Tuesday, 29 May be confirmed.

(l) That divisional secretaries be asked to convene representatives’ briefings in divisions between Monday, 11 June to Friday, 22 June 2012.

(m) That the Office should continue to work on the precise timings of the ballot and the precise issues that will comprise the trade dispute – with indicative timescales as follows: open the ballot by 25 June; close ballot on 6 September; NUT Executive takes decision on implementing action on 7 September.

(n) That the Office work with regional offices to draw up a detailed plan of action to be taken to divisions and associations in readiness for the proposed ballot in June. This plan to include:
  • (i) working on updating membership lists;
  • (ii) organisation of cluster meetings and ‘telephone trees’;
  • (iii) preparation of bulk e-mails and text messages;
  • (iv) advice on appropriate use of local funds to support the ballot;
  • (v) seeking help from local retired teachers networks;
  • (vi) facilities for sharing materials across associations and divisions.

(o) That the O&M Department consider the recruitment possibilities arising from the proposed ballot, both this term and next term, particularly in respect of beginner teachers and NQTs.



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