Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bye Bye QTS ! DfE consults on extending use of unqualified instructors

The Government has launched a consultation intending to relax the regulations around using non-teacher qualified staff as "Instructors" in schools. The focus at the moment appears to be on vocational qualifications, but the proposed amendments would allow for the widespread employment of non-QTS instructors, on a permanent basis, across the school system.
The consultation by DfE, entitled "Proposed changes to allow schools to more easily employ Industry Experts to work as instructors in schools"  would sweep away the requirement for schools to first seek a Qualified Teacher for any teaching post, and to ensure that instructors are only engaged on a temporary basis.

The Union recognises the important role that instructors can play in delivering some courses, but firmly believe that this should be a complementary role alongside a qualified teacher. The danger, or course is not just opening up a genuine academic vs. vocational divide, but seeing the ability to employ non-teacher qualified staff as a cost saving in other areas.  Instructors are not required to undertake appraisal and performance management in the same way as Qualified Teachers, and there is some doubt as to whether schools would consider that they need to make CPD opportunities available to them.

You can read the Union's response to the Consultation by clicking here.

You are also encouraged to make your own response to the Government consultation via the DfE website. You can do this by clicking here. Consultation closes on 18TH MAY.

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