Thursday, 23 February 2012

EEPD Committee: Motion to LGBT TUC

The EEPD committee agreed the following motion to be submitted to the TUC's LGBT Conference in July.

Education and Youth Services Funding Cuts and LGBT Equality

Conference congratulates the TUC on its Equality Deficit conference which highlighted the impact of the Coalition Government’s policies on progress towards equality.

Conference condemns the extreme, far reaching education funding cuts and the rejection of the role of the local authority by the Government.

Conference believes that reducing funding for education and youth services -and removing schools from local authority accountability structures - drastically reduces the opportunity to ensure that schools take meaningful action on LGBT equality for staff and students.

Conference demands that LGBT teenagers and young people should have an entitlement to excellent provision which meets their needs and therefore deplores the fact that specialist youth projects and sexual health services will disappear.

Conference is outraged that the increasing number of Academies and free schools directly reduce the ability of local authorities to promote robust, effective equality policies in schools and to educate schools about the equality duty and what it requires.

Conference instructs the TUC to:

(a) campaign vigorously against the escalating privatisation of the education service and the destruction of local authorities;and
(b) highlight the impact of government cuts on services, education and provision for LGBT young people.

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